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Hey Smokie

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 9, 2003.

  1. Hows the weather in your area?/?

    I seen on the news where Oalahoma city got hit hard!!!!

    I hopre you and the family are OK!
  2. 2 storms. One that went thru the city. The other died out about 7 miles north of us. Did'nt even get a drop of rain. The folks in Okla. City got it in the same place they got wiped out 3 years ago. The one that died close to us was headed toward the same area that the one went on Easter. So much for my theory that once your have a tornado, you're safe for next 5 years!

    Cool story though, I just saw it on the news. About sunset, south of Tulsa a lady was standing in her back yard. She saw a piece of paper come fluttering down from the sky and land in her yard. She went over and picked it up. It was a check that had been cancelled that afternoon from a bank in Moore Okla. 165 miles away!
  3. Same thing about a check down here.

    The check was an old check made out to JC Pennys back in 72. It came from jackson all the way up close to where I live.. About a 160 miles as well!

    Good to see ya'll are OK!

  4. Actually, it was a petroleum research facility. And yeah, I think they finally figgered out how to turn it off.

    Say we got another chance for the smae thing today. Could use the rain. Had e'nuff of running and ducking.

    EDIT! I guess they've only had one death, from heart attack, and only about 20 critical injuries. Okies. We know how to go WITH that trailer as it's tumbling across the prarire!

    Got to get that lovely passtime that I refer to as work.

    C y'all later.
  5. Sorry for everyone that that got hurt ,but happy that you and yours are fine my friend.
  6. Glad you're ok, Smokinokie; would be glad to ship some of this rain to you. last week our rain deficit was about 6 inches. this week we have a surplus of 1.5 inches. now let me get my calculator; how much pipe would I need to lay from GA to OK? Yipes! Maybe cheaper to FedX it. LOL

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