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Hey Sid..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IndianaToker, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Can you get Reese's peanut butter cups on your side of the pond? Such a great stoner snack, right up there with the twinkies which I shouldn't mention, lol. Anyhow, around Easter here in the States they make them egg shaped.

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  2. Here's what they look like the rest of the year around here:

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  3. nope, not that i know of, lol........i'll have a twinkie soon enough.......that reminded me of the simpsons episode when they go to London, and Bart and Lisa get smaked out on British start tripping, and visit carnaby st, and dress like out........Sid

    what exactly are they indi, peanut butter in a bar form?
  4. hahhaa its the best, a small amount of peanut butter covered in a milk chocolate shell. someones gotta send him some lol
  5. so good, and everyone has their own unique way of eating a reeses. and its not regular peanut butter but like....sugar-injected peanut butter.

  6. Well, as has been stated it's a peanut butter candy with a chocolate shell. And massive amounts of sugar, lol. Too bad you can't get them there, make sure to try one when you get to this side of the pond.

    And until then, you could make them yourself my friend:
  7. lol i think its so funny when we have certain foods that everyone knows what it is, then over there you have no idea what it is, and you have stuf we dont know what it is.

    I used to play game and this oe guy sent over a case of big red for his friend over there to have. lol.
  8. The Pumpkin shaped Reese's and far superior to the egg shaped ones! :p :D
  9. Reese's are awesome, but if you don't got a drink to go with them, and your high, its hell to eat them.

    All that peanut buttery goodness doesn't mix with cotton mouth.

    Edit: Anyone seen those inside out Reese's? Peanut butter outside, chocolate on the inside. Shit's a trip.
  10. iv never seen the inside out ones before. too stoned too stoned mmmmmmmmm i wish i had some right now. Sid that episode was played earlier this week its great. iv seen it before though but stil good.
  11. we make stuff like Reeses at Christmas to give to friends. we roll peanut butter into balls, then melt chocolate and pour chocolate over the peanut butter. put it outside to harden and munch down. some even taste better than Reeses.
  12. home made peanut butter cups kick ass. had some once, but the peanut butter looked white. It was still good.
  13. Dude, when easter rolls around, its definity the cadberry eggs that own the world!
  14. Reeses fastbreak is where it's at. I always eat one first thing when I get high, it's a tradition. It's like a peanut butter cup in candy bar form, with some caramel in there or someting too.
  15. Well, over here it's even worse. Every country has some goodies even theyr neighbours don't have. We used to fill all our pockets with french goodies on the way back to Germany. Now, when I visit Germany again (I grew up there) I gain about 3-5 pounds a week from mum's cooking an all the good stuff i used to eat when I lived there. and I don't get up here.

  16. yeah like how lynx deodorant is called Axe on the continent, and you can get a chocolate bar called "TOKE" "BIMBO" out.......Sid
  17. Actually in london some newsagents have started stocking reeses cups and hershey bars, i tried a reeses cup but it tasted quite salty/sweet?, maybe im just not used to the high levels of ingredients. My favourite munchies have gotta be jaffa cakes, chocolate fingers, and penquin bars, but i dont think you can get them in america.
  18. yeah when i open up a box of jaffa cakes, i've gotta eat the whole 12 of there tasty!..........Peace out...........Sid
  19. Mmmmmmmmmmmm..........Reeesssess

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  20. rotflmao @ ^^^^^.

    :D :D

    Havin' a good night Stonie Jo? Hope you're getting to do a little :smoking:

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