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  1. what do you think about 2- 400mh, 8-10 supergirl feminized plants, a good fan, a closet, some awsome soil, rainwater, I need some fertilizer ideas, the closet is about 4x4 and a 7.5 ft ceiling. What do you think about the heat? How tall do you think before switching to 12 and 12. anyone want to bet the quality and yeild of this so I might have an idea of what to expect.
  2. Not gonna fit, My closet is 4x4 with some shelf space and I can tell now it will be pretty tight even with 1 plant in there, and 8-10 plants in 4x4 space would hella stink! everything else sounds good, but if you had more space, it would be better and maybe you could grow all those.. good luck
  3. two 400 watt mhs are gonna be way two hot for a closet.
    what are you gonna use to flower
  4. if i were you, i'd loose the MHand get 1 4oow HPS....helps,with the temp and also you can veg and flower with it........4x4=12sq feet......3000lumens per sq foot = 36,000 lumens......the HPS would give you 45,000 lumens....more than enough.......as for how many......if you can fit that many in, in 3 gallon pots and have good air circulation, from a fan......and a fresh air inlet, you'll allmost have an identical set-up to mine.......i usually go for 5-6 in that space....but i could do more if needed......but smell will be an issue......even with 2.......so all female....10 of will stink.....so a good extraction system will be needed.......Peace out.....Sid

    ps.....just use tap water left overnight, or for 24 hours.....and a 10-10-10 feret to start off with....if you're going with 10 plants, then trigger flowering at approx 12-18".....and if all goes well then you may get 1- 1.5oz per plant......
  5. hey sid, im just now noticing that under your name it says forgemaster. What is that, Like a blacksmith?
  6. I always thought it meant that he forges paths like Moses split the Red Sea.
  7. it's good fun....you'd be amazed what you can do with steel with a little heat....hell maybe if get the time, i'll get round to making a plant out of steel....everyone will think....isn't that a....?.....shhhhh....lol.....Peace out.......Sid
  8. heh, you sould sell marajauna steel plants..

  9. So you blacksmith! that awesome cause i do too! I usually make Knifes and swords (I'll try to get pictures) and stuff like that. What kind of forge do you use? I have a homemade coal forge made from a brakedrum, and a Homemade Gas forge made from a 1/2" thick, 14" diameter x 14" long steel pipe. I used a pourable refractory. What sort of stuff do you make?:)
  10. now we have our new hammer, i'm gonna start making some swords.....my bro has done a couple........the forge is approx 4'x4'x10" high, and runs off a bouncy castle fan, that blows into a chamber and then straight up from below.....just yesterday we were bending copper...approx 150mm x 30mm thick......seemingly they are used for sending down thousands of volts of electricity for hard chroming........i'll get a pic of the forge for you.......Peace out........Sid
  11. here it is.......Peace out........Sid

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  12. thats hot u make swords and stuff thats kool i love swords well i have been practising kung fu for a few years now and i love to train with a nice light sword :)
  13. U Practise Kung fu charlie? What Style?
    Ive been training in Xing yi Quan Kung fu since i was 6,
    I cant believe that blades in this forum have so much in common with each other,Its weird,
    P:S: from my quote u can see im a Bruce lee fan, lol
  14. yeah i practise WUSHU kung fu its shoulin style theres 5 main animal forms tiger,crane,monkey,snake,dragon the 5th one is a mythical form kuz dragons arnt real but theres also other animal forms like mantis,foot fu,lepard,then theres internal practise like iron chi gong shoulin fist and others and also basics is the key to all of those forms if u dont know the basics its real hard to learn the form and then theres weapons such as swords,camma,chain whip,nunchucks,12foot bow,short bow,ninja stars,knives,and ect.theres a lil off what i practis and i have learned aikido to. how about u do u practise forms?internal forms?tai chi?ect.?
  15. Thats a nice forge:D. My coal forge is like 12" in diameter. Works good for little knives but swords take awhile to heat up. My propane forge is the best for swords. can heat up a 1.5" wide x 18" thick bar in like 15 seconds. I love it:)
  16. Xing yi Quan is an internal form and its quite similar in its forms to yours,
    Basically theres monkey,Dragon,Snake,Eagle and tiger forms and 5 sets of 13 forms based on five elements,earth,wind,water,fire,and wood.
    I practise the art of ZEN, Hard Chi-Kung,Tai Chi and another style of Kung fu similar to aikido called Baghua-zang.In xing yi there are also weapons,Long and broad Sword,butterfly knives,Long and short spear,and Pike.I condition my fists,elbows,knees,forearms,Shins,head,back and chest everyday,and train 7 days a week for 12 years now,
    What sorta training do you do?
  17. CrIkEy.. this thread has strayed just a tad off of course.. lol...

    pece & karma
  18. what do ya know i train everyday too:) 7 days a week with my (Siefu) witch means master in chinese im not sure if i spelt that right or not tho anyway have u ever practised Guenzi its a shoulin form tottaly an internal form.by the way last post i did not spell my art correctly its shoulin wushu kung fu it is no dif at all from the acctuall teaching of the shoulin temple k heres how it all happened

    a right long time ago a man by the name of master lie came to boston in the u.s from china of corse he spent almost his whole life in the shoulin temple when he came to the states 2 men by the name of master jay and master golms traveled to boston from canada master lie trained those too until they were worhty of beeing called masters when the 3 finnaly parted master jay came back to canada and went to n.s. and master golms went to my city:)master golms tought my teacher for along time so far my teacher has been training for 32 years and my teacher trained my dad for like 16 years or so and now here i am takeing after my father and thats pretty much the best way i can describe how what im learning got here

    sry for the long list lol aahh anyway heres the question u asked what kinda training do i do did u mean like workin out?
    anyway here it is i do alot of internal practise while im working out like i will loosen up and stuff then start working out on my body i will do internal breathing for chi and yes i also workout my knees legs back stomach hands arms shoulders and have been learning how to do afront hand spring only with no hands off my head and then land on my feet i do iron chi gong to if u dont know what it is its focusing your chi to a certan part of the bodie then takeing a blow to that area whith an object like a stick or a bow..and yeah i focus on ballence and kicking and i read alota bruce lee books my whole book shelf is lee and shoulin styles
    anyway i think i wrote alil to much today so yeah :)
  19. i thought i was quite hard till i red this, i used to do Kung-Fu when i was a kid, got up2 brown belt then moved away from the city so i had to give it up, then i done a bit of karate, got up2 blue belt but i didnt really like that as much as the Kung-Fu. tryed a few other styles but thy aint as good as Kung-Fu once u start getting good at it. i still train once or twice a week but thats about it. now i'm back in my old city again im tryin to find the guy i used to get lessons off years ago so i can start again, but as he was about 90 then i doubt he'll still b doing it. if i cant find him then im gonna try kickboxing just to get me back in shape again and cus the club is only down the road.

    did any1 else watch monkey when they was a kid then????

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