Hey Rmjl!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. A WHOLE night of pondering and FINALLY, I realized....SUDDENLY, I realized....LOL....That's what they say, Sensi! You know, though, we could both just start licking and find out for ourselves. ;)
  2. lmao! I was wondering when it would click! ;) lol..hey im in for an experiement anyday! I like 241 and 412 as well!! but if 142 works then thats aaaaaaaaaall good! lol
  3. It was funny, sensi...after I woke up, I took my dog out and while I was waiting on him to do his business, I remembered the 142? and thought "What the hell was sensi talking about?" Then, I got my OJ and got online and WHAMO!, I got it! I'm really quite shocked that I did, actually. I had fun being puzzled, though...you should do it to me more often!!!
  4. I always end up in deep thought when I wait for my doggie to take a dump too! lol well you got me thinking too you know..about them there licks..

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