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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by glassy, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. well not to long ago me and my friend went to holland to see amsterdam (which was amazing) but anyway when we came back my mom and dad picked me up from the airport and took me home and everything then we were inside just talking about how it was and stuff when he goes....I still smoke pot......WTF??!! i wasnt like pissed just confused to like why he always used to yell at me and stuff for smoking when i was younger. then he pulls out a bowl and me and him toked up for the first time, ever since then its been like hes one of my friends just completely chill about the whole smoking thing..we even pickup for each other every now and then and lend each other weed to last through the week and stuff. I bought him a sweet glass bong for his b-day and for mine he gave me a really nice ounce green.
    Its just been a cool "revelation" as we call it and i figured id share it with guys :)
  2. thats pretty tight man
  3. tight i wanna do that with my dad too.
  4. screw my dad and mom, they're pricks. i wish my brothers smoked
  5. yeah that's a pretty cool story man.

    i wish i could smoke with my dad and my little brother :)
  6. my dad used to be a stoner..but that was then this is now
  7. i know that once i move out, my bros will smoke with me, because then my mom wont be able to say nothing. i found out that my bros dont really care about me smoking weed, its more of a show they put up in front of my mom so she "hands" me over to them instead of the cops if i ever get caught.
  8. even if my parents DID smoke, i would never want to smoke with them

    good story though
  9. My mom smokes and is cool with me smoking but it's weird. She's got weird creepy friends and she used to do like crack and coke and all kinds of shit and is all wigged out and just weird.

    Both of my sisters (actually step sisters) smoke weed, but one of them yells at all of us for doing it although she smokes...: \ THen the sister who lives next door to me is really cool and smokes and I have no problem smoking with her.

    All I wish for is for my gf to smoke :(
  10. My dad plays dumb around my mom, acting like he doesn't know what 4/20 was. "oh i googled it and read up on it". Haha then he's like "yeah 4/20 was a national holiday back in the day".
  11. i know right.

    my parents are horrible about bud.

    i just don't even know what to do. they view it as an evil of society but my dad drinks every day and smokes cigs and my mom drinks a few times a week and smokes cigs

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