Hey! Pretty chill skater pothead! :3

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cuddles, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey, what's goin on? I normally read these forums for fun. I finally decided to get my own Profile on here. Well a little about me I suppose; I've been smoking for about almost a year. My real close friend got me to do it at his house. I skate almost every day. Weed may or may not be associated with your skate life but I feel it goes hand and hand, might it be the way skaters are chill? I have yet to figure it out. But in the mean time I load up my cute little bong (the one as my avatar) skate, and PC game. CS:S most of the time. So feel free to introduce your self to me. I'm real chill and you should follow my tumblr!:D dawsayo.tumblr.com Peace! :smoke::hippie:
  2. welcome dude.

    CS:S is my shit. Been on it since 04. recently switched it up for CS:GO. but to be honest, i like cs source a lot more. zombies>Regular
  3. Hey how did you get the cool Workaholics pic under your post? Does it do that for every post you do?
  4. Weeds not associated with skating dude haha being high fucks with peoples skating
  5. The skaters I know are douchebags lo
  6. can you tre flip
  7. Who cant tre these days yo can you back heel or hardfliip

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