Hey people from the 70's wtf were you thinking with this shit?

Discussion in 'General' started by feudalism, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. You mean ron jeremy?! He's a horrible actor and I don't like his porno but he's actually a pretty cool guy!

  2. That dude is awesome. I saw him on KassemG's channel and he's hilarious. I've never, or I probably have seen his porn, but I can't remember it either way.
  3. That guy has nailed more trim than a retired carpenter. Not bad for a fat, hairy guy with no acting skills. The dude is hilarious though......
  4. Ron Jeremy, symbolizes hope for the overweight, uneducated, poorly dressed, and down right ugly male,.... to have sex with 100's of women
  5. That dude sucked his own wad for money.

    I guess dignity is over rated. :laughing:
  6. Baaaaaaaaam green eggs and haaaaaaaaaam
  7. I'm sorry, I respect this man a great deal.

    Hey console generation:

    What the FUCK is wrong with you?


    Just playing of course.
  8. The next generation is gonna be like

    WTF were you thinking people from the 2000's? :laughing:


    I'm ashamed to be a part of this generation...but it's not gonna get better
  9. image-3022796644.png

    I think this sums up the thread.

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