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  1. Well since I've been toddling around here for a while, I may as well send out my introduction. Hi.

    I'm Katie, a 21 yr old college student working on my bachelors in elementary ed with a concentration in English. I want to be a high school librarian when I grow up.

    I dig the bud, and look forward to the day I live on my own and can grow my own. So yeah...I usually toke up when I'm in the mood...bedtime for heavy bud, morning/afternoon for heady bud. Its my style.

    I have fun in the city, and am loonking forward to spending more quality time 'round here. :smoke:
  2. sit ya self down and join our family of blades .:D.

    welcome :D
  3. Welcome to the city.. Enjoy your stay!
  4. welcome to the city;)
  5. Werd up Katie? I've always liked that name but dunno why. heh. see you around the forums.
    High school librarian huh? ....getting blazed with all the "hippy" kids from generation Z, rawk on.

  6. Thanks on the name part...I'm quite fond of it myself. I was named after my gran.

    Blaze with the hippy kids? Oh sure...then I'll lose my job!

    Thanks for the warm welcome all!
  7. i dig the avatar :) welcome to the city. good luck with the degree!!!

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