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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by solarsinsemilla, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Nathan, its LJ i finaly got unlazy and registered. i havent talked to you in a while, but for anybody else reading this i'm new to these boards and a pretty seasoned toker, i'm goin to rehab in december and i dont have a drug problem. i'll probaly be postin on these boards alot but i dunno post whatever
  2. ya, i cant wait til i get home from this fucked up boarding school. i already got referred to these people that help students with substance abuse problems...lol. i just told them to drug test me or to go bother someone else. they werent very happy with me. i really wouldnt care at all if i got kicked out of here, id prolly like it more than i woudlnt. oh well, im expecting some amazing pot when i get back..
  3. yeah i got some of the purple stuff still and another bowl of some badass shit my friend is selling and some shake, i've been smokin alot again even in my room with the window closed. i need to get us a pipe and magnifiying glass, all my bongs dont have bowls i've been using a one hitter. i dont know if i'll be able to go out but we can smoke in my backyard with my parents home i dont give a fuck. my depression is finaly starting to go away i think my pills are workin. my parents found a joint that was over a gram of the purple. cary is gunna give me a pipe if i ever get to see him i dunno when i'm able to. i've been gettin so high lately its been crazy my eyes get so fuckin red everytime now. i dont have much else to say i'll talk to you more someother time
  4. haha, thast badass. what ur parents sayin to u? i guess it really doesnt matter tho, cuz ur leavin. ill call you when i get home to figure out when we should meet up. ill probably just walk from my dads to ur house. why cant u leave ur house? serously, what are they gonna do, ground you? u should read my post in the seasoned tokers forum, its basically about how im prolly gonna be comin home soon. we could go to rehab together.lolol.do u get to come home for x-mas? ill prolly call ur ass tonight. aight cya

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