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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. SOOOOEEEE Hawgs!! C'mon on down to Bama and bring your number 9 ranking in the polls with you to T-town, Alabama.

    I haven't seen the line yet, but I can gare-un-tee that the mighty crimson pachyderms of Alabama will be ready for your nutter-butter hawgs come this saturday afternoon. Bama is still limping along after the Oklahoma game three weeks ago, but will be ready for Arkansas.

    And to the Tennessee fans, congrats on the win over Florida!
  2. Thanks, Poppa! It ROCKED!!! :D We're very proud of our boys!

    Didn't you guys bet avatars last year or was that an Okie bet? Hopefully Normsy Poo will come home and you guys can get this baby heated up a bit! ;)
  3. We are very proud of our victory. That should give a boost to our entire season.
  4. were the underdogs by three...and thanks to that farking bet from last year, i believe i wound up sporting some half naked patriotic guy as an av for some time...


    i wonder what elephant tastes like?

    so..what do you got to put on it there big brother?

  5. Just imagine a big long trunk cumming down your throat. :D

    What to bet?? I ain't got much. I'm as poor as a south arkansas landscaper.

  6. I figured that after all the times Florida has whipped Ole Smoky's dog ass over the past ten years, it was about time that the Big Orange finally paid them back. :D

    I didn't know Wang that you were a Big Orange fan. What part of TN are you from. I lived in Nashville for a while and worked in Memphis a bunch as well as a hundred other little small towns over there.
  7. I'm from the Nashville area and I'm a sophomore at UT. Look at my sig. I bleed orange.
  8. it was a magnificent game.

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