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Hey, newbie question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Doomsayer1355, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Is it possible to use hollowed out cigarettes as blunts? It seems like it would work but idk if i should take off the filters or do anything special before i use 25$ of headies...
  2. i guess you could keep the tube intcact and empty the tobbaacco but when u fill it itd be loose and difficult. you shuld just buy paper and learn to roll. or buy glass
  3. no...filter will fuck you....just make a quick water bottle bong with some tin it here.
  4. It wouldnt be a 'blunt'.

    And trust me, You can do it but its not worth it. It'll burn up real quick and uneven. Better to roll it, Or if you cant smoke a bowl.
  5. u can hollow out a cig to make a joint but its better to learn to roll lol
  6. thats not true at all before i could roll i pistol packed joints and they burned very long and werent ineven at all you just have to pack them tight
  7. Cause i've just been sittin here hollowing out marlboro lights w/ a pair of tweezers, and ide just take off the filters now and just pack it tight with the tweezers, would that work as well? And an off question. is 25$ kinda expensive for 1.2g of headiess?
  8. Its not true at all, But only works if your pack it tight?

    That dosent make sense.

    But anyways, Ive done this before back in the day, And it never turns out aswell as a good rolled joint/blunt. And it takes alot longer aswell.
  9. how does that not make sense?

    them burning up fast and running isnt true.. if you do it right they turn out just as well as a normal joint. i do like normal joints more tho cus they are longer sorta but other then that a pistole packed joint is fine and can last as long as a nicely rolled joint if thats all you have
  10. we used to do this erry day before school, one kid would roll it the night before school with a 20/80 baccy/bud ratio and we could smoke 'em without hiding, we would pull out the filter and put a peice of straw/index card in the filter slot, i thought it worked pretty damn well and it is very inconspicuous,
  11. Roll the cigarette between your fingers and the tobacco will just slide out. Use a small pin to remove the filer, rubbing it between your fingers again to loosen up the glue. Place some sturdy paper where the filter was and pack that baby tight.
  12. yup, a pin is not even needed to pull out the filter if there is someone with fingernails around
  13. it works!!!! i do it all the time
    just rub it between ur fingers to get all the brown out, then use a pencil to shove in the green, pack it tight
    i like to leave a little tobacco in the bottom tho, just so i dont reek as bad and just cuz i think its a refreshing end to it
  14. its works but seriously hollowing out cigs for joint paper is some serious high school shit
  15. you spend alot more on the cig than you need to, just go out and buy some papers, get 32 papers for a dollar instead of $.25-.50 a cig
  16. I agree with the fact that you should just get some rolling papers. If you don't want to have to learn how to roll, just buy a joint roller. they're only 3-4 dollars and you can find them at head-shops and some gas stations.:D

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