Hey, new and need some help.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by diluted59, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. Ok i have about 4 or so seeds from a batch of weed i had, there are tons of woods around my house, if i just took em off, planted em and let em grow would it work? or can someone break down growing for me, i suck when it comes to any form of plants and i dont understand what you mean when you say "flowering" and so on. any help is much appreciated.
  2. thanks for all the help :D

    one more question lol, im sittin here with 2 big stems and about 5 small, is there anything i could do now besides just smoke em to get high? (the reason im not saving is because its gonna be a while before i can get a sack because money hates me :()

    EDIT: Indoor growing for me can't happen due to parents and a SMALL room.

    EDIT 2: The link you posted is dead :(
  3. you dont want to smoke stems, it wont do anything for you but hurt you

  4. ive smoked em before and they never really bothered me, but is there anything else i could do with this much?
  5. i suppose the only other thing you could do is enjoy! :D

  6. lol i do have a scratch left from a leaf my cousin gave me, i tried to dry it in the mircowave because i read it on some sight :-/ seems to work though i dunno might just be a placebo effect goin on

  7. you could make hashish of 'em if they were female...mmmmm... :)

  8. i thought you needed like a ton of stems to make hash

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