hey my peoples!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ITZWEEDMAN!, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. hey, wats up kids its weeman here one of the biggest potheads in the earth! I would say i am the biggest pothead (which I am) but people always get pissed so I'll just lie and say I'm ONE of them, ahaha ha!

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself for more information my website is at http://www.geocities.com/deucebagsucks ill be around these forums often so if anyone has any questions just let me know!


  2. welcome to the city!!

    and have a great time!!
  3. did u mean weeman?

    oh and high!!! :D
  4. "It is Saturday January 4th, 2004. I think I'm starting to get immune a little bit to king bud. I smoked 16 blunts in the last hour and I don't really feel shit. Oh well, I wanted to smoke at least another 10 before I go to sleep anyway!"

    Dude, ITZWEEDMAN, it might be time to take a break for a year, or two, or more. How does that feel right anymore? Ahh hell, you know you be gettin' high. And I know I would be doing it if I could. I just think my lungs would jump out and run from me.

  5. Yeah, man. $40 for an ounce of kind? Shit, tell me where
    you live, I'm moving.

    I can't even get schwag for $40 an ounce.
  6. Scwag is for fags, King is for KINGS!!! :)



  7. Thats un called for.. If you have to call people names, you need to do it some where else..

    We don't allow that on this site....

    As for swag, some people don't get the opertunity (for what ever reason) to get the best bud all the time..

    You act like you are head of the world.. Your not so get your head out of your ass!!!!

  8. A bunch of people were banned for saying such things. If you would like to stay here, I would advise you straighten up, not like I care
  9. Dude, you are crazy, um crazy. Biggest pothead on earth? Who you trying to impress? Smoke, chill out, try posting again.
  10. Im really questioning this guy....
    Sounds like hes just trying to act cool. Anyone agree?

    How much do you usually smoke a day?
    Well when I first started smoking reefer I would smoke easily like a pound per day but then I started running out of money so now I only smoke maybe 2 or 3 ounces. I heard Coolio used to do the same thing too which is super cool!

    I dont try to rag on anyone here, but seriously.
    Hes the biggest stoner, yet he posts pictures of weed he obviously just got from other sites or drew in paint (lol).

    Spam posters are very not nice.
  11. that srazy stuff on his site doesnt bother me...it looks like a 6 year old wrote it...i was laughing so hard...but yeah its obviously all bull...

  12. Nuff said
  13. hahha, look at his homepage... see the pic of the plant..his uuhhh stash? lol... weird, i found this in a BOOK from a library...hmmmm... NOW someones caught...lmao

    scanned directly from book

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  14. now heres his "stash"...see the similarity? they ARE the same plant, u can see that bend over leaf.. only DIFF is the lighting, u can see some leaves, and others u cant..plus i rotated pic

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  15. those pics are so close it scares me... but theres a leaf missing in the upper left and the one bent blade :D is bent in diffrent dirrections on the pic............... i dunno man maby its just a super almost the same pic......... but the guy in question is still most deffinately a little 7 year old kid who has FAR to much time on his hands :D
  16. ok poeple dont smoke to be cool everyone here will agree with me that we smoke cuz we like the feeling and um ur site says weed causes madcow diease ok no and a pound isnt 1 mill where the hell do u live lol a oz of good weed is around 245 and a pound is like 20 oz's think about it
  17. fuckin a quit your bitchin and smoke a godamn bowlanio

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