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  1. I'm Buck Nasty. I've been smoking for about 9 years now. Thought id see what kind of stuff is comming into the culture these days ya know? Well, I've been called everything from "stoner" to "hippie". I am one with the Earth and if its not organic its not worth it.
  2. Huh... interesting way to put things. Well how is life treating you my friend? Where you from?
  3. I was born and raised in Oregon. The desert part mainly. So southern/mid Oregon. Its not the most exciting place but I've got plenty of people here that make it interesting. How about yourself?
  4. You sound like a porn star
  5. I'm from Utah. Love Oregon/Washington area. More the northern part though. And Utah is the same way. Desert and boring... but what can you do.
  6. Yeah. True that. But just keep living. And no I'm not a pornstar. But that would be pretty rad. Hey so I've got a question.
  7. Whose a pornstar?
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    Shoot cowboy
  9. So I've been smoking the plant for a good while now. I've been trying to figure out good easy contraptions for smoking. Such as things like pop can bongs/pipes. Though I have a pipe I like trying to use my creativity to make something cool. But, I've run out of ideas. Do y'all have any?
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    I'm just going to finish up this emergency call and get back to the paramedic station so I can get on my laptop

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