'Hey man!'...*Just nod my head and walk off like a boss

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  1. Does anyone else do this? I don't think its really done much in australia (Were i am) but i have quite a few english freinds and now ive kinda picked up some of there slang n that (Wanker, munter, unit) and yeah, so instead of saying hey i ussualy just nod my head (not a full 'yes' nod, just like a half up nod)

    anyone else do this?
  2. I do allot of things like a Boss :cool:

  3. Happens all over the states...
  4. All my guy friends do this lol.
    Im in FL
  5. haha cultures are so different.
    yea I do this "nod" all the time, and I live in Canada.

  6. the half nod up is the body language that dogs...as in K9s use to great each other.....;):smoke:
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    so instead of saying hello you just give some kinda half nod...most people I see in everyday would life would just say hello back..that seems kinda toolish
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    God you look like my old friend chloe lol XD

    I also throw them the index finger up while I tilt my head down

  9. Not tryna argue here or anything, im just wondering. Why do you think its rude & 'Toolish'?
  10. i always do that. especially if you somewhere they couldnt hear you talk, like in your car. its really not that toolish.
  11. Do you mean jerking your head back slightly and extremely quickly while going "sup." or do you mean tilting your head ever so slightly down at them.

    Because I do the latter. The first is pretty douchey.
  12. so you bow to them?^
  13. back in high school the head nod was pretty much standard for saying waddup in the hall way here in NY

    ^ what the above guy said as the first, is more or less what people would do, idk who the fuck bows their head at someone, thats just weird.

  14. So you don't know what 'ever so slightly' means?
  15. It's an awkward hello, because most of the time you look down or away right after the initial nod.
  16. im korean, i know what a fuckin bow is

  17. Unless there is some cultural disconnect here, I'd say you don't.

    I'm not bending at the waist or anything like that.
  18. I sometimes nod my head to people, only if I don't plan on stopping and talking to them.
  19. i do the nod thing, very common in the south. it's like the whole tipping your hat thing without a hat and without the gesticulation.

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