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    I generally don't like attention, but here I am! Look at meeee! LOL.

    In all seriousness, I don't like drugs, don't really like marijuana either, but I don't think Marijuana should be illegal at all. I used to smoke it in junior high school, grew some in high school til the parents found it too... by the time I got to college, I stopped smoking it altogether because it just made me tired and unable to socialize. I met Timothy Leary in college, heard him speak, shook his hand. Drugs helped me think about the mind's relationship to the biology of the brain.

    After graduating with honors, I went on to graduate school in behavioral neuroscience and evolutionary biology (where I learned that our ideas of the races being the same intellectually and culturally is pure political nonsense -- thus the "fascist" in my sig). I spent 4 years in a Phd program at one of the best schools. I studied drug abuse in the lab -- the mechanisms and neurotransmitters behind it.

    I am mostly a libertarian (ran for congress), but I am anti-immigration 100% so I quit the libertarian party (see the part above where I learned how important race is). I have a healthy mix of what people call left and right wing politics. I like and even love all sorts of people, but I am not under the illusion that races or individuals are all the same. That is politics. reality is that we are different -- just like Nobel Prize winners William Shockley and James Watson have clearly said (because they could, or at least thought they could politically in James Watson's case.. NOT).

    I have travelled the world investigating the biological basis of consciousness since graduate school.

    I hate tyranny because it destroys truth.

    I love truth above all, that is the core of my being and I think the major impetus to all life since the beginning of time. Life seeks meaning and truth, period. INFORMATION is the basis of evolution. The seeking of pleasure and food / sex / etc. is only a by-product of this higher path. That's how we got religions all across the face of the Earth as humans.

    That is how white, western humans invented science also -- as a unique extension of the personality of our particular gene-pool. Other races, though quite intelligent, could not slay the dragon of politics and social forces from our evolutionary past to make science. I consider science to be the highest religion of mankind (though still imperfect). It is a miracle conceived as the path to higher truth in a very real and practical sense. In studying genetics and evolution, it is a stairway to heaven by which we will take the reins of evolution into our own hands and realize our divine destiny as a people. I believe we were meant to do this. European man is the figurehead on the great ship of life. We cannot let them go extinct.

    There is a reason Europeans are the only race to invent science, and freedom. It is all about us. In Africa, they never had written language or schools before we came. We had runes full of meaning and later, illuminated texts. Then we invented science to destroy political influences on truth. We invented freedom to destroy the corruption and selfishness of governments.

    Later, I found out that a donor gave 100 MILLION dollars to the Sierra club -- insuring that it was the premier environmental organization for the forseeable future -- with the stipulation that they NEVER MENTION IMMIGRATION. Without massive 3rd-world immigration, the USA population would have stabilized and even dropped some since the 1970's. It is instead skyrocketing. Politics, selfishness, undue influence, etc. destroys truth. By comparison, drugs are so harmless as to be utterly laughable.

    I like growing things a lot. I worked in the greenhouse / gardening industry while in high school and college. I have a garden. I have one houseplant that is 25 years old, LOL! I wanted to try growing Marijuana too again some day because maybe I just did not like the Indica high before in college, wanted to try growing a Sativa plant to experiment, so I got on here... plus I think it should be legal so I want to help with that.

    I tend to be long-winded so I will stop there. I wanted to explain the "Fascist Botany" name. I like that name also because it is a pun on Thai-stick LOL. I am a compassionate, loving person. Don't believe the stereotypes about "evil racists" or "fascists". Cheers! :wave:
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