Hey just smoked my first joint in about 2 years gotta question

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  1. i got super stoned and felt like was dreaming, pretty weird,  body was tingling and kind felt like i was in my old world/spaced out. then i started getting super super tired. and with my eyes closed i was just thinking of the weirdest shit of all time and then like i was glued to the couch  just didnt feel like i was in reality then i crashed and woke up this morning feeling normal again. Is this normal because i havent smoked in 2 years? And i also smoked a joint of some Chemo Kush/

  2. Yep you got high :p
  3. I was the same way..but it was 18 years since I last got high. Hows that for a long time?
    When I did it, I smoked some herbal blend...and too much of it to say the least...talk about a journey. After about 5 minutes of being high and over the hills and far away...I finially remembered that I had just smoked, for the very first time in all those years.
    In my case I can't compare the high I got with that herbal blend to that of MJ... but I was really surprised by where (how far it sent me). I just didn't recall getting that "far out" there when I smoked my first MJ like 30 years ago.
    I do remember telling my friend on that very first occasion something like..."hey...whats going on?...I feel like sick or something. He laughed and said...Hey man...your stoned. I rembermber that day...uhhh pretty well considering it was so long ago.
    I believe it just hit you like a rock : )

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