Hey Just Have A Few Frustrating Problems Need Some Help Please!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FenderFreak, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I Started Growing Hydro with a waterfarm and using flora three part nutes, but when i go to flower it doesnt. I mean i let them grow in the flowering stage for months and still nothing. The light im using is 3 100 watt cfls. I know im a newb but , if anybody knows the solution to this problem please let me know. Thanx

  2. by flowering stage you mean 12/12 light cycle right?

    if so, I have no idea...

    but if you let them "grow in the flowering stage for months" then that means you probably vegged them beforehand, and that means that if you're growing indoor and dont have a big grow op, that plant is WAY too big now.
  3. Alright, then let me ask you this if this was yours what would you do?
    ps: thanx for the input.

  4. If your plant has been vegging for months and is hardy (but too big for your space), I would cut clones and start over. Consider that the plant will at least double (possibly triple) in height during flowering and decide if you have enough space.

    When you switch to flowering you need a timer or otherwise your plants need 12 hours of complete darkness in addition to switching the type of nutrients they are getting.
  5. i have a timer and i started off 12/12 , a month later still nothing. So i started 11/13 a month later still nothing i just dont get it. would nutes have anything to do with this?
    thanx for your input.
  6. Something got screwed up on your light cycle. Do what xshadow said, and cut some clones and start over. Otherwise i'd say your wasting your time and will probably end up with hermies anyway.
  7. Seal yourself in your growroom during the dark cycle-any light at all showing anywhere?

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