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hey just got a ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rockr080, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. ok My girlfriend thinks i quit

    i don't want to quit

    what should i do
  2. i'd tell her that if she really loves you, she would respect the fact that you smoke, and if shes not OK with that, then ........ (insert whatever you want here).
  3. ^ then she should go fuck herselve...
  4. yea i'm thinkin about tellin her what hippie john said if i can't find some better advice
  5. watch half will help, trust me...............Peace out.............Sid

    "i like weed, but not half as much as i like pussy"
  6. If you've been smokin and she can't tell the difference (whether you're high when you see her or not), what's the big deal? I guess it is easier said than done, dunno I've never been in the situation, but you just gotta be like "hey, I don't wanna quit smokin, so you can either just chill and deal with it, or do whatever you're gonna do"
  7. Just pull the old "I see you have braces, ...I have braces too." It works every time.
  8. hey, mayb u can get her hooked on the green 2? then u can get relle high and FUCK!
  9. yea i watched half baked greatest movie almost wow what a stoner movie though

    she would never EVER rip a bowl wit me EVER

    i can make it so she can't tell i'm baked but i feel like shit cuz sh'es like hey adam il love you, i love you too, if you lvoed me you'd awnser a question for me honestly, um..ok do you smoke...uh uh uh no..... FUCK

    i'll prollytell her to fuck off if she can't deal unless i hear some good sugestions
  10. make her a bet.... she has to smoke first and then you'd quit... hopefully if she hasn't smoked before...she'll enjoy it... then both of you can kick back and reap the rewards....
  11. woohhhh

    She doesn't love you, she loves the guy you'd be if you were not pothead. but you *are* a pothead.
    Explain that to her, then end it (definitively).

    on another end there is another option:

    convert her.

    that is NOT try to make her a pothead (you'd be doin' what you don't want her to do to you).

    Make her sure she knows what a pothead is.
    If you guide her well she will realize that it's part of what attracts her to you.

    {to-the-ground-advice: for that interview, smoke and wank BEFORE. it will be a serious discution, and the flesh is weak, especialy when vocalizing out what one feels for the other.}
  12. Simple....... Don't start lying to her.. If she doesn't want to be with you because you smoke....... then let her go!!!!!

    There are more fish in the sea!!!
  13. i agree with gravy, how can someone pass judgement on something if they dont try it...?
  14. true true... we gotta stop that site...

  15. I woldn't do anything.

    The truth cannot be fought for by gaging the lies; the truth is its own power. Speak the truth, the lies will go dimer, but never vanish.
  16. power to you obliv.

    I just visited that site and posted a bit -

    Look, I smoke marijuana. According to your 'facts' I should be a complete idiot void of all and any form of knowledge, am I right? Well, according to an old anti-marijuana movie, I should also be listening to jazz music and flipping out. correct? Its the same thing, just different era, I hope one day these lies will end. Marijuana leads to hard drug use? False, in fact, in holland hard drug use has DROPPED since the marijuana became legal.
    You want to know the reason for that drop in drug use? No more drug dealers, simply put. If marijuana is sold legally where respective adults can get it, they no longer have to meet with 'drug' dealers who deal with hard drugs aswell. And you know why it sends you to jail? Because its ILLEGAL! not because its harmful. Think before you type out your blatent lies. You wont be posting this on your site, now will you? I thought it was Freevibe...try renaming your site to 'The vibes we want you to hear, nothing else'. Well, I did my part, atleast now you know every pothead isn't just some blind idiot. Simply put, I hope your lieng to the youth of America plauges your conscience.

    and I read something on there 'When people tell me they smoke weed I slap them'

    Now must I say, what the FUCK? What is wrong with people? And why do the parents of America condone this shit?
  17. say we have the same here, it's called "familles de frances" .. crazy the type of shit they actualy put out as ZE thruth..

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