hey, just germinated, what is minimum time they canpop...

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  1. hey i jjust gemrinated my seeds in rubber sealed containers with 3 paper towels on bottm, seeds in middle and thenm 3 more towels. I put them in my dreser drawer with a heating pad on LOW. when should i start to see if they pop? also, should i plant as soon as the root pops out, or wait for it to get like 1/4 inch or so? does mygerminations process sound alright? i hope it works. when should i check them, 2ite, 2marrow morning? thanks alot for the help

  2. You say you germinated your seeds in rubber sealed containers. What do you mean by POP???

    Seeds placed in warm moist containers, paper towels, compost, etc, usually show a root, that is, they have germinated, in 3 days or so.

    I think there is a total confusion of terms here.
  3. i know the english language
  4. So in what way are you saying ´germinate´ is different to ´sprout´???
    Still not quite sure what you are asking.
  5. It doesn't matter... the tap root will come out whenever it feels right. It could be out tonight or it could be out in 3-5 days, just be patient and check maybe every 12-24 hours.
  6. :devious: hey dude plant as soon as you see the root popping out, somehow people managed some controversey as to wether or not you should point the root down or up when your planting... i always planted with the root down and the seed up. Planting a seed with a long root could damage the root while planting but not likely. Yea your germ method sounds alright but dont check them too often... if they don't sprout they don't sprout. You could put them on top of the fridge too its warm up there.​
  7. Yeah when the root comes out.

    When it does make sure the root tip in facing down so the seed goes up :D
  8. you dont really wanna use a heater for germination just wet paper towls like you have and keep at room temp in the dark for like 2 days and they should sprout great. mine always do! good luck
  9. Using a heather is no problem. I used one and 3 seeds germinated in 23 hours, that's like an hour better then the average germination. I wish you the best luck.

  10. I've used a heater too. just make sure you keep the temperature on it very low
  11. you have a setup for germinating the seeds, however a seed has not germinated until it "pops". when the tap root apears. i think that was the initial confusion

    spanishfly i live in almeria what is the best time plant outdoors in this climate?
  12. I'm germinating seeds right now, 50 of them. Using toilet paper and folded up into a zip loc bag, stays in the dark, about room temperature. It's been 48 hours and none have sprouted yet. They are bag seed so they're probably dead.

    I have some really good seeds coming in tomorrow:

    3 Chocolate Chunk
    2 NL x Blueberry
    7 Un-Identified KB

    I'm psyched for these no doubt and hope they germinate well.

    How are yours doing?

  13. Three weeks ago.

    But now will do fine. Summer is a bit late arriving this year, anyway.

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