Hey Jude

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Switch, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. Man I am not the biggest beatles fan- I mean McCartney is a grade A FUCKING GENIUS but the rest never really did it for me- but this song is perhaps the most uplifting one I've heard in a while, it's the kind of thing I find myself listening to when i get saddened nowdays. Your thoughts.
  2. I am some what of a beatles fan.. They have alot of good songs that I like!11
  3. l think l was about 10 yrs old when it first came out,lol.We have all the beatles songs ,some even in vynil,roflmao.The round plastic looking things .Ya had to use a record player.
  4. DAY TRIPPER!!!!!!! Yea!

    I get carried away with Yellow Submarine while high!
  5. that and imagine are two of the most powerful songs the beatles/lennon ever produced. <3
  6. how can John and George not have done anything for you dude!?

    i say they were both better than paul (well.. maybe i'm being to harsh on paul because of his post beatles exploits)

    Hey Jude...nana laal al gonna make it better, lalal lal allalalla hfhsdjhfjh hh vnmx,fhih

    sorry... i started singing it and i loos the ability to typw whilst singing.

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