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Hey Jersey where are you...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ohtheguilt, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hey all, I'm a long time lurker who wants to make some local friends in northern NJ. I work in Bergen county and live in Passaic. Say whats up if you get a chance...
  2. Whats up brotha, I am in Passaic County myself and work everywhere. Anything good in your world?:p
  3. I wish there was, this place is so dry Arizona would be a relief...
    I can't believe this cycle of plenty - dry continues year after year.
    I'm considering a grow box with one plant in my shed at this point. :rolleyes:
  4. I am exactly at that point myself and have already started my growbox plans, just waiting for the rest of the hardware to arrive then I am running with it. I am sick and tired of either getting ripped off or dealing with total assholes that are not reliable. My last great source just moved out west so now I am in the same boat again without a pickup in over a month and NYC cops are just fuckin crazy on Jersey plates.
  5. Plus you can order any strain of seeds you want online and have stronger shit than anything floating around out there. I'd give my left nut for an oz of AK or White anything LOL.
    Strongest I get (and pretty regularly) is purple but my guy decides to not re-up for a week randomly and not inform anyone...retard. So here I sit with the famous .8 of purple shake in a baggie hoping he does something over the weekend and Monday will be a sunnier day. :D
  6. I here ya. Nirvana and Attitude are my fav SBs without a doubt as of recently. This afternoon I am considering a drive in to NYC uptown though its been pretty crazy lately around the Jerome area.
  8. I wish I had a spot to check out... Then again, I have a good job, kids and responsibilities to worry about now. It's not like 10 years ago when I'd take risks before thinking about the consequences. It's just not worth it to me now.... so i sit here and bitch instead! :hello:
  9. I completely agree, I am not married and have no kids but a serious 6 figure job that I am not willing to risk anymore so I guess I will just hang home.
  10. Well I don't quite make 6 figures... but if I did AND had no kids to endanger you can bet your ass I'd grow. :smoke:
  11. Whatsup iSMOKEPIFF. Berganfield is pretty close to Teneck which I used to know a few heads there that where way cool. I am maybe 10-15 miles away and its like the fuckin desert here.
  12. what up jersey. i'm from warren county but i go to school at ramapo down in bergen.
  13. central jerz motherfuckers
    middlesex county holller at me hahaha
  14. Good luck :hello: Im also looking to meet some new people, around the Buffalo, NY area though, so Im in the same boat
  15. Yea Jersey where are youu? hhaha, i'm here in Bergen County next to Passaic Co. whats goood
  16. Clifton here :D whts good 973?? been gettin amazing kush and know like 5+ guys that are never dry so keep lookin guys..jersey is _NOT_ dry at all.
  17. 07920 whatuppp. Just got a supply of some real nice trainwreck yesterday, there is always bud to be found in the area. ALWAYS.

    The areas been dry like 2 or 3 times this year, not for more than a day. And when it was kids went nuts and made some hardcore treks to retrieve new supply. If it's dry just wait a day or two, and if you're smart about it you have yourself a secret stash for just such an emergency.
  18. what up guys.. kinda new to the forum.. im from 201 area. and go to school in Newark.. BTW anybody here of weed called fire haze? It;s pretty good and smells very chocolatey. I get it at school but not good enough yet to tell if its a legit FIRE. i buy a dub (1.2 grams) for $20. Jersey is never dry but money gets dry sometimes:(
  19. Im new to nj and just moved to passaic county is it that dry here?

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