hey ive got girl troubles too!!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. only mine are nuts! where the hell did this come from? i swear to you all i tell the truth when i say i have two, TWO! beautiful blonde chicks fighting over me. its craaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!

    i mean i used to have trouble finding one ugly chick to like me... but two at once, and ones as pretty as these two!! jesus adam. howd you get into this mess....?

    and now a question for the ladiessssss:

    im with girl one. girl two loves me. girl one loves me. i love girl one. i also love girl two (not romantically... but shes one of my best friends right) and i dont want to hurt her!! what is the best way for me to go about this. I mean, i cant have both. there was never really a choice, girl one is mine. But is there ANY way to keep from breaking girl twos heart??

    i feel so bad.
  2. not being female all i cna reply is FUCK man, all i say is i hope girl 2 understands being your best mate, or does SHE see it as more than thta ???

    good luck with your lovin' !!!
  3. get some 3-way lovin

  4. Yeah Adam, thats your best bet. Or if you're forced to reject one of em, and they're as beautiful as you say, you can send em my way. :D Hah, I'm just playing. But for real, I wish I had more advise to give you. Talk with them, get your priorities straight. Just because you're in love with one of them, doesn't mean you can't still have feelings for the other, does it? Shit man, I don't know where I'm going with this. I guess I'll see how others respond, and hop in accordingly.
  5. yeah man get some 3 way lovin on the go........lol.....you can try, but i doubt they'll go for it.....if they do, you are a lucky man.......lol.......Peace out.......Sid

    ps, where's BH?, he's allways in the posts about sex.......lol
  6. Hmmm, Adam, you think its kinda ironic that you get these beautiful women coming for you AFTER you buy your bong with the ashcatcher? Seems awfully pecuilar to me. They're after the bong man, not you, hahaha.
  7. hahahah. old one has been for long before the bong. new one doesnt smoke weed :O hahaha

    no three way lovin. other chicks just my buddy, she feels it, i dont really. thats why im saying i dont want to hurt her at all. seems like i have to, atleast a little.

    (.... though some nice 3 way blonde action would not be turned down by this, or ANY man. tis a fact.)

    ps, the tis was on purpose, not a mispelled its.

    pps. im really baked from said bong.

    ppps. i have more bud left to smoke from this bong to get even more stoned tonight! i need a nice relaxing night to just resssssssst, and eat some really good food. have a good night everyone! i know i will.

    pppps. just remembered new girl is off in portland with an old friend at a hockey game. hopefully she can forget about me ;)

    ppppps. damn.... she is really hot though :p

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