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  1. *cough* Hola! *cough* *cough*

    Well, time to introduce myself! It's time to take you (the reader) on a little "trip" this "trip" as I shall call it is my life and who I am. So get cozy, take a couple rips out of 'old faithful and enjoy this story filled with chaos, ectacy, and the meaning of life.

    ....... Hey! And away we go.....

    Hi, my name is soulzero but you can call me the "grimpriest" - odd? Well, it's meant to be.

    I've been a very relgious pot-head since the age of 16 and have dabbled in many "mind-alterting" substances in my time. So your asking yourself (or i'm making you think to ask yourself, or something.....) what was it like the first-time you got high? Well.. let me tell you a little story...

    In order to understand this story you got to remember this fact: i've lived in this moderate sized city for most all my life. They sent me to a place in colorado for one year and when I came back..... (well here is where the story takes off)

    To my hometown I was greeted by three of my friends, mark, randy, and justin. I went back alone on a train and they were there to pick me up and take me to mark's house which where I was going to stay until my parents arrived. Anyways, that evening they bought a half oz... I knew what cannabis was just never smoked it.. not because I didn't want to, because I never had the chance. Anyways we got the half oz and went to my friend's dad's house.

    We proceeded to the basement trembling down wodden stairs in overwhealming anxiety. When we got down there we carefully arranged the couches and chairs in a circle form of sorts with the big-screen television acting as the "gap-closer" (vivid enough picture?).

    One of my friends whipped out the homemade-motts apple juice bong and proceeded to pack a bowel. Once the bowel was packed he lit it up and showed me how to hit the thing.

    First bong-hit try; Took the bong, covered the carb with my finger (on accident, but it was the right thing to do.. who knew) started to suck and put the fire to the bowel, kept on sucking and sucking could see the smoke accumlating but not much was happening, then my friend said "take your finger off the hole now and suck as hard as you can!" - so I did! and KAPOW! coughed for quite awhile and was instantly high, it was insane.

    So that evening we smoked around five bowels out of the bong, two bowels from a cheapo pipe and after that.. I was good and blitzed.

    .................[are you back now?]
    Well now that we are back to reality and stoped reflecting on the past i'd like to say Hey to everyone of you and I hope to get to know you all, a lot better!

    - soulzero
  2. what a well written story. welcome to the board.

  3. Welcome soulzero ,to the 'new' number 1 discussion board on the "net".
    Your writing skills will be a welcome addition I'm sure. [​IMG]

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