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Hey Indy..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Designing an internet game.. What do you think??

    Make a post..
    First person calls upon another member to go foward or backwards so many threads and make a quality post in that thread onn the topic.. Then they have to paste the reply in this thread. Then they get to call on another person to do the same thing..

    May make it so that we request a thread for them to post a reply in.. By putting a link into the this thread.

    Indy, go to Brain swelling thread... ::post link here::

    What do ya think?
  2. Sounds like fun BH! But the STML is going to be killing people in this game my friend, LOL. :D
  3. Just a thought..

    a stoner ramble is more like it though..
  4. Hey...that might be fun for a little while. I'm already confused though.
  5. lets play, not sure if i understood what you said... but im game :D

  6. OK let me s p e l l i t o u t for ya!!!!

    I tell RMJL to go and post in a thread..

    Say........... i love cold pizza thread..

    You have to go post a good reply in there and then copy and paste your reply here.. then you tell (indy) to go to another thead and reply... so forth and so on..

    The replies have to be to the original post.. It has to be funny but yet direct..

  7. Oh and I forgot... There will be three words that you have to use in your reply... Those three words would be givin by the person having you to do the replies...

    Like I may have you to use the words,

  8. So what's the deal, lets get this started.
  9. what happens if l carn,t come up with a smart responce ??[l haven,t managed one yet ,lol]

  10. I know that was sarcasm... I have seen a responce or two from you that was smart..

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