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  1. I have a question for you on topping! I just topped my plants today,my 1st time topping and this white shit spewed out of the stem.Is this xposed to happen or did i fuck up?Also can i top my plants more than just once?
  2. Thanks for all the info, I was asking INDICABUD cause i know he has to top his plants like everyday,lol..But n e wayz you said dont top when the plant is flowering?OOps, Are white pistols considered flowers?????
  3. Daily ..yes..but I have many plants....

    I don't do it in the second half of their day,,fluids are moving to fast,and will spew to much at the cut. I take mine in the first hour of their day,,before they get juiced up. If it still spews fluid,and I don't want a chute to emerge from that spot,,,I seal it...with what you ask? Believe it or not..a bic lighter...I let the edge of the flame seal it...

    This sealing,,,will allow more cuttings at a time,,without shocking plant as much as it would dumping out juices everywhere until it dried on its own...

    Yes pistils are flower starts,,,,

    never top a plant that has just started flowering,,you must wait until after budset is done,,once the plant has decided where it will have it's main buds,,if desired,,you could then top all the terminal buds on all the mainchutes...this will help prevent the plant from going up as fast,and allows the buds below that point to swell more evenly....doing this correctly takes practice...

  4. I Already topped the plant and it had alot of pistols on it, so what xzctly does this mean???
  5. It means it now has a few less pistils.lol...it will be ok if its early...but it may have lost up to a week...in the calender..


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