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  1. Hi, I'm new, obviously. Just came to say hi. I like finding new forums so I thought I'd try this one out, especially since I'm new to and really enjoying the ganja.

    Quick about me for anyone interested.

    I come from a Mormon family and I have left that religion recently much to the dismay of my parents and most family. I live in Idaho, which is a highly mormon state (2nd to Utah) so a lot of my neighbors look down on me too. Anyways, whatever. I'm moving to Arkansas in the next few weeks. I'm big into computers, video games, reading, all sorts of stuff. Thats all for now.
  2. hello,

    yeah I've never been a big fan of following something so blindly that you cannot except the decisions of other people.

    glad you're doing your own thing
  3. Thanks man, I'm enjoying life a lot more that I've distanced myself from it. I finally see now how blind I actually was. But I'm still pretty young, so I guess now is just my time to grow out of it and think for myself.
  4. hahaa i knew mormons loved the trees. ive got a couple buddies where im at that were mormon, then found pot. all their families did the same thing lol, its crazy. anyways welcome man.:wave: have fun.:smoke:
  5. I know what you mean, its funny how many religious people are similar in so many areas. Yeah I'm like the only mormon around here that smokes pot and one of few that have left the church.

    And, thanks! :D
  6. Welcome to the city man :)

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