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hey im new

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by smokealot, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. hello to all im new here from australia .hope to get to talk to all like minded smokers on this board.well im off to look around this board.catch up with ya soon.
  2. welcome to the city!
  3. Dude! Welcome to the happy place!
  4. Welcome to the City!!! Enjoy your stay!
  5. Hello mate!!
  6. Welcome to the site. We have some aussies here.
  7. cool all th aussies let me know who you are and we'll chat.catch ya.
  8. cool I just got done watching the discovery channel, they were talking about the ocean life of the austrailan waters. very cool. :)

    aaaaaaaaaaanyway, welcome! enjoy the city. its so pretty! :) lol
  9. welcome :D
  10. welcome to the city friend :)

  11. welcome to the city.....wait till critter talks to you....he's from down under as out...Sid
  12. yeh yeh whats up to all you non haters already doing what i do best smokin herb-alicious before i go to school any body know whats up on some acid or shrooms because i would like to get some. If anybody know whats up let me know
  13. do we have any body that lives close to dallas tx?

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