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  1. Hey this is Toddyboy im new to GC forums but have been reading them for a while. Im from a little town in south Wales UK. Im on this site generally for information and to help if and where i can. All that i can really say apart from that is if you have any questions you want to ask about me then ask away i wont bite :D
    Stay Smokey !!

  2. Welcome to GC!! :) Why the name Toddyboy? Why do you live in the UK? Why won't you bite when asked a question? How old are you? How long have you been smoking? Why do you smoke? Why did you come to GC? Ok thats enough questions for now thank you.
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    Hey yeah the name is an old one my second name is Tod and I used to get called toddy alot so I just use toddyboy. Ahaa I was born in Scotland originally but moved to wales for work/family. Im 19 but im pretty grown up for my age :D ive been smoking weed and cigarettes since I was fourteen but smoking weed back then was more for pre-adolescent fun than anything else. I blaze everyday now and can happily say I dont regret it. And the bite thing I dunno its just a "thing" people say :p

    Edit: I came to GC for information and also if needs must to ask questions:) I also smoke to release stress and when I read listen to music etc.

    Stay Smokey !!

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    Hi. I'm new. Trying to promote a blog about getting baked in Mangalore. Check it out if your planning on travelling to this coastal city in India.

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