Hey im from CT

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  1. Anyone else from good ol' new england?
  2. I am from there.
  3. I like it here. its nice.
  4. CT living ain't too bad. In the 860 or 203? I'm down in Stamford myself.
  5. 860 fooo life, its so nice up here,

  6. You are right about that man, it is definitely nice up there. A lot of people in the 860, plus I think 860 gets better trees haha. But what do I know.
  7. Me too dude, i just got some Super Lemon Haze, i just wish it was cheaper here D:
  8. Right on man. Never had it before hope it smokes good :smoke:
  9. Have you ever tryed growing here? ive got a little plant in my window sill, and she's ( I hope) is doing alright!
  10. I bought a PC case to try to do an indoor grow but I procrastinated during the summer/fall. We'll see what happens during the winter. Good luck with that grow though bud.

  11. Yeah but boring as shit :). Being from NY originally Stamford drives me crazy sometimes being so 'slow'
  12. I hear that man, I live in Litchfield, its pretty nice up here except the old people. :D
  13. Posted up in 203 also.
    We had some nice Fruity Diesel going around recently.
    Prices are pretty steep though, $20/g with most of my connects.
  14. Yea, i have the same prices, they suck mang.
  15. [quote name='"Jacobzav"']
    Yea, i have the same prices, they suck mang.[/quote]

    True that. I read about the 35$ eighths people get and i get boners.
    Might try a ghetto outdoor grow when spring comes around and supply myself.
  16. SAME DUDE!!, i just get worried about our weather here, is it good enough in Ct to plant in the summer?
  17. I'm in northern VT and the smoke is killin it up here. Always some bum digity heads round this way.
  18. Born in New Britain, lived in Bristol + Old Saybrook

    So I'm hoping not to get personal messages from people who live there asking me for hookups! Because I no longer live there.

    It's like whenever I mention that I'm from Connecticut I get a bunch of messages asking for hookups
  19. I got some weird ass message asking if i want wanted to buy some, lol
  20. Im always at foxwoods.

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