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  1. I'm a seasoned toker, have been smoking for years, im from cape cod area home of the 100$ fine!, was wondering if anyone on here lived near by.. =P
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    Oh wuddup, I live in wareham, and the $100 dollar fine is amazing, I got a ticket the first 2 weeks it was passed, haha
  3. ah yea i live in dennisport, i havent been busted yet but thats funny haha i'm lookin to find some more connects in my area lol
  4. I'm just warning ya man, if you try to get connections on GC, people are going to think that your the cops.
  5. yea i was thinking that as i was posting that, but im not the cops, i'll post my myspace or pics or something for proof lol...

    plus, even if i was, its a 100$ fine! haha
  6. Haha yeah, I know a dealer in Yarmouth that sells good shit, but idk if he still deals cause he got locked up. And now he's out but idk if he deals anymore
  7. whats the first name? i might know him
  8. welcome to the city
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    How you guys gonna talk dealer names on the internet. Knock it off boys! ;)

    Ever wonder how homeboy got locked up in the first place??? :/

  10. Actually he got locked up for B&E

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