Hey. I'm @ 1 Month, now. I have some Q's!

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  1. Hey. i was going to just send my plants all into flowering, but i dont know thier sexes. I got a magnifying glass, and 2 of them are growing the sex organs. Im gonna be pissed if my plants are all boys.

    I finally got a timer, and blooming ferts.

    I want to take clones from one of my plants as soon as i find out there is a female.

    I have rooting hormone as well.

    can i take clones after i start to flower (once theyshow sex?)
    if i put them back into 24 hours of light, with these clippings plausibly be fine, and continue on in vegatative?

    I am running a new light setup, so all of my lights (10x 26W flouro) are at an angle, to give more light. i had them vertical before, and most went sideways.
  2. There is a process called cloning for sex. Take a cutting, let it root and have it under 12/12 light. In 2-3 weeks it will show sex, and most likely (unless the stress hermies it) show the sex of the parent plant. This is the safest process (albiet time consuming) to determine sex. The moment you see sex in the clones, you can flower the parents as you see fit.

    Taking a cutting of a parent that is already under 12/12 is possible, but not reccomended, get your cuttings before you flower you plants.

    Rooting hormone is pretty helpful I have found, just don't over do it. You can also look into how to help your cut stem root more effectively but giving it special cuts such as splitting the stem up the middle with a clean razor - this increases the surface area for roots to form from!

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