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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mc arthurblunts, May 29, 2006.

  1. Hey im a first time grower that has just got some seeds and i was wondering what kind of things i could put on my plant when it growes to make it a decent strength i dont wanna use lighting just yet i want to grow this plant and see how it goes then i might try with the light set up
  2. So your going to try to grow with no light? And a small fan blowing on your plant will make the stem stronger.
  3. i was thinking of putting it under dan and fluro light when my mum is out probally around 4 hours a day i got fish fert on it and some good fertizlier
  4. first, how old are u?

    ur mom out 4 hours a day... i dont know... i think u'll get caught.
  5. Don't grow in your parents' house, you could get them sent to jail. Wait until you have your own place.
  6. i turned 18 8 months ago but my mum did all that when she was young and she dont want me to make them mistakes so she is hell strickt :p
  7. your only two choices when living at your parents house is too either grow outside or in the closet in a light proof smell proof Box also read some more cause if you did you would know you cant leave the light on 4 hours
  8. yeah i just relized that how much would a light proof smell proof box set me back???
  9. heh, I live near a school on long island called mcarthur, tho im sure there are many in the US/
  10. hey im in garden city its right by mcarthur highschool. like 15 minutes. ussually one of our tougher games in football at the hs every year.

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