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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg So my plants are two weeks old and the ends of the leaves and stems are turning purple is this normal, should i be worried or am i just stupid lol ??? I tried to take the best pictures i could

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  2. Do you know the strain?
  3. I know its a mix of blue dream and something else
  4. What type of mix is it in? Looks pretty young, relax and give it a chance to overcome; it's just starting out.
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  5. In my opinion your soil is junk. Look at it up close - there's so much wood chips in there as filler it's silly.

    Wood = cellulose and this breaks down very hard. The bacteria which do the work use up all available surrounding Nitrogen in the soil by using the N as good while they work overtime to break down the wood. This effectively causes plants to starve to death since there is little nitrogen for them to use.

    The manufacturer should know better but they are out to make money, period.

    If this was my plant, little or not I would need to feed it. Your problem will likely not get better on its own.

  6. Yeah i realized i used the wrong soil, when they identified as male or female i was going to transfer them into bigger pots with better soil
  7. Isn't cellulose mainly broken down by a fungal action when it comes to healthy soil? I can definitely see there being N problems soon but just thinking cellulose is more easily broken down by fungus in an aerobic bacterial environment. Id recommend adding peat or more actual organic material as jerry pointed out.

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