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hey i have a question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cinder1994, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. i found some ditch weed growing in the garden so i smoked the leaves i think it got me high but the high don't last long is it possible to get high off of it also i have a low tolerance of weed

  2. you do know you have to dry and cure the bud and or plant...
  3. *sigh* I think I've officially lost hope in mankind.
  4. It was just a placebo effect.
  5. You need to wait until it flowers. You may want to cull out the males.
    The end result may be best turned into an oil. ;):smoke:

    You may also not want to post newbie questions in the seasoned forum; many here will frown upon that.:wave:
  6. I like how his username says 1994. hmm the only thing i can think that means is he is 15 or 16. I could be wrong tho, it just sounds like a dumb question only a kid would ask.
  7. Another one? Time to break out the spray...
  8. oh_u.jpg
  9. first of all im am not 16 im am 20 ok second of all i know ditch weed doesn't get you high i just thought that the leaves might third i know you have to dry and cure it i have grown weed before
  10. yea ok...whatever you say
  11. if leaves got you high why would people cut them and throw them away?

  12. Sorry guys, I'll try again.

    There's no way you're serious, bro. You know ditch weed doesn't get you high, but you think leaves from it will?
  13. i know that i have grown before look at the pic

    Attached Files:

  14. Ditch weed can get you really high as long as there arent males around and the weather is good. its called "Ditch Weed" cause its grown in a ditch, not because its bad bud.

    And those pics of your grow look like you through a few bagseeds into a couple pots and tried to grow them beginning to end on a starter light.

  15. I think you missed the part where he asked if the leaves of the plant could get you high. Somebody who grew wouldn't be doing this or asking this.

  16. Haha win. Dude is totally 16. You didn't get high. No.
  17. Lol if you had THC crystals all over that bitch, but you probably didn't....ditch weed...doesn't sound like its gonna have bitchin trichromes all over it
  18. you probably just got light headed from inhaling all that bad smoke
  19. I can't believe this hasn't been deleted by the mods yet.
  20. ^^ Or at least moved to apprentice.

    It could make some medicinal oil if proper;y tendered. :cool:

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