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  1. is there anyway to tell if your plant is female or male without putting it into flowering because i heared on the internet that if the plant is growing faster it is male and if its growing slower its female does anyone know anything about this if so can you please tell me ?

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    No, there really isn't. As a general rule of thumb, males grow more vigorously early on, but it's not an absolute by any means.

    When not working with feminized seed, putting the plant (or a clone of the plant) into 12/12 is the only surefire way to tell male from female, unless pre flowers start to show. ;)
  3. this plant started out growing slow then when i topped it the plant started to grow really fast. the last plant i had about 6 weeks into veg it showed pistils
  4. There are some trends in growth pattern differences between males and females, however that cannot be used as a reverse-detector of gender. In other words, just because you have a fast-growing plant does not mean it's a male -- even with people there are women basketball players and male midgets. Flower the plants or take clones and flower the clones while the plants keep vegging.

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