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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by kronic420smoke, May 12, 2010.

  1. can other pollen from other plants not marijuana pollenate a female marijuana plant cuz i put my plant on the window sill sometime to get some sun and was wondering if a bee or something came by would it get pollenated?? plz an thx
  2. Nope. Otherwise I'd be grabbing pollen from my maple tree out back and making 20 or 30 foot MJ. :p
  3. mmm...30 ft marijuana tree...
  4. You can't cross a donkey with a cat dude. Aint' gonna work :D

    Keep thinking positive though!!!
  5. yea i kinda figured it wouldnt but thats jus what one of my guys said like a bee would come by an pollenate my girl with some other pollen i hope there isnt any male plants growing around... thanks guys...also is it natural for some hairs to turn brownish orange an not others ? its been bout 2 weeks an 2 days from showing sex its been in flowering for a month b4 showing...also are there any avdavantages to smoking with ur plant ?
  6. ohh shit ..I would live on pancakes.. that is a cruel joke to play on the stoned...:smoking:

    and just to ease Your mind .. bees rarely carry cannabis pollen it does a very good job of "air casting".. so as long as no males are close you are fine.. I have just separated males by moving em to the other side of the house..with no pollination ( til I wanted it of course).... relax ..
  7. ok thx everyone anything bout those hairs turning orane brown color so early or is that natural?

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