hey i have a question

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  1. a guy how man time do you water the plant in a weeks every single day
  2. it all depends on how you're growing, and what stage the plants are in.

    I grow in containers (3-5 gallon) and I have to water daily. Growing directly in the ground allows the plant's roots to seek water more naturally so manual watering is only necessary during extended dry spells.
  3. Limit watering, water with the usual amounts but as infrequently as possible.
    To encourage good growth, yet keep watering to a minimum, wait until the plants are a few months old before you curtail watering.

    Give the plants their normal water and note the number of days before they begin to wilt.
    As the plants get larger, the water needs increase, but this generally stabilises by the time of flowering.
  4. I've got a pretty big girl and I do about once a week or when I she feels dry and light in her container


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