hey i am stoned so i am making up a random story that has nothing to do with anything

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  1. "Come to me, my child," beckonded the shadows. The small boy's frame quivered with supressed fear and brimming excitement. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. From the womb he had envisioned this day.
    "You have come," said the boy, barely seven by Earth's years, "I have awaited your coming."
    The flash of a lighter illuminated the figure in the shadows for a brief moment. A cruel, twisted mouth curled around brown broken teeth in a sickly exageration of what a smile should be. Taking a long hard drag from his cigarette, the form sighed hard, and peered up at the night skies. Feeling no fear toward the monsterous creature before him, the child came closer. "You have much to do, Nayorobi. We must attend the summit meeting of the high council. Only then will we know the true nature of our purpose."
    "I am ready. This journey will be one of peril, and self-realization, I know for I have seen this in the winds of time," said the child called Nayorobi, calm now.
    "So already the timestream has integrated itself into your consciousness, " said the figure, somewhat taken aback.
    "Yes, I feel the pulse and breath of time in my thoughts. I feel as if there are no limits to my power's true potential," said Nayorobi.
    "Precisly why we seek the coucil. Come, child. We must leave this place," said the figure.
    "I am prepared," said Nayorobi, as the shadows overtook them both and hurled them into the anti-matter of nonexistance.

    I am VERY stoned right now, and I cannot-I WILL NOT-be responsible for any incoherence, babbling, or insanity that is contained herein this piece of literature adlibbed here today. Thank you. :D
  2. LMAO. That's what an afternoon of non-stop smoking will get you.

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