Hey I am from Tallahassee florida!!!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PhazerUno, May 14, 2006.

  1. I am new to these forums and I am in Tallahassee Florida right now I am completely dry of bud sucks tho Anyone else here from Tallahassee???? or in florida?
  2. <--floridian for now
  3. From ky, hahah BUT HEY!!! whats up, u should be gettin some Fl Crippie in tallahaseee, i had some of that, and some in orlando, no noticable difference, both of HIGH quality dank lol
  4. Yea thisisnotreal had some bud on here last night he posted i have been trying to pm him but he isn't responding I don't know anyone that sells around here and Im trying to make a connection
  5. there is no way i'm getting some random from the internet a connection on weed. try again NARC!
  6. Im no narc but i see why you would think so but sorry im just trying to get some stuff is there anything I can do to prove i am not a narc?
  7. seriously, you can't go on a forum with 3 posts and expect people to completely trust you.

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  8. ok ok ok whatever im just desperate to try some im only like 15 but what ever ive been searching forums all day to try to find a connection but I guess I tried peace
  9. dude just go walk around. if you can't find weed in tallahassee then you aren't looking hard enough.
  10. Make him hit the pipe in front of you.
  11. well id do just about anything for some mj, this guy had posted some pretty nugs, seriously how can you let me prove to you im not cop or narc or whatever im no snitch or whatever anyway i sound like a n00b
  12. well either way, you're like 15. i'm 20. haha i don't hang out with kids man. talk to me when you're an adult.
  13. x2, well im 19 but same difference...and using the city for hookups is def. not allowed
  14. man, it should be no problem finding some reafer in florida, get some friends, walk around for awhile, wait till you see someone with shaggy hair, and there ya go :p or you could try goin to some old person, they're usual cool and probably carry it for medicinal uses, and they come in surplusses in florida
  15. everyone in florida smokes. it suprises me day after day as i find more and more people. we generally have very good stuff, and decent prices. go to the beach or the movies or a club or any downtown area.

    p.s. your 15, please pack up your toys and get outta the city

    (sorry if it was harsh, i'm just messin)
  16. sorry for a double post, but you you just described me by sayin look for someone with shaggy hair. if i wasnt so lazy i'd post a picture of myself
  17. well that further proves my point, chances of someone with shaggy hair knowing where you can get some weed are mighty good :p I used to have pretty shaggy hair till i got it cut last week, now it's much shorter, and i'm so much more sexier, as if i needed it ;)
  18. Welcome to the city! :wave:

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