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hey higha

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by critter 11, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. ya asked about the floating thing in the tank the other day .lts a volcanic rock ,cool or what ??

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  2. lol.....i like the 2 pigs on top....or are they boars?.......and is that a spoon collection in the background?...........hey critter, you been watching the rugby world cup?........Peace out........Sid
  3. very cool. it beats the hell outta my sponge idea.
    lol um yea, cute piggies....i just gotta ask..where did you pick those up?
    an why..hehe
  4. ha.... at least something's always porkin in yer house now...:)

    edit:/ Hot shit # 2900
  5. l got them from a secondhand shop in Tasmania a couple of years ago.They are hand made from tasmanian forest timber.The best bit is stuff like this sells in the shops new for $400. to $600. and l paid $8.50 :D.....yes it is a spoon collection [me mums].....And no l don,t watch rugby ,l,am an Aussie rules fan.Have a great day all.
  6. is your mom russian or ukrainian? cause mine is and she collects spoons like mad...
  7. I gotta ask.. Are those pigs doing the nasty? :D
  8. lol..looks that way..good to see you btw KB:)

    And I bet them fish are havin fun gettin around in that tank..lol

  9. yar

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  10. hahahaha....those pigs kick ass! man .... thats some funny shit..

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