Hey Hey it's my Birthday!

Discussion in 'General' started by nugglord_420, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. And I spent the first minute of it on the shitter. :D

    I think I'm going to start off the festivities by smoking my last bowl and polishing off the rest of my Captain Morgan and Silver Bullets. Then tomorrow after I get done with work, I'ma buy me the biggest bag of dank my money can buy! :smoking:

    On a side note, my parents got me a George Foreman mini grill for the occasion... that thing is GENIUS!!! I can like, make grilled burritos in less than 5 minutes. That's bananas!
  2. happy birthday man!
  3. burritos.

    nuff said.

    happy birthday from the taco bell parking lot.
  4. Nah that's the brilliant part, I don't have to drive 10 miles to get a damn grilled burrito anymore haha.
  5. haha happy birthday!!!
  6. hahaha, that first sentence had me laughin my fuckin ass off! :laughing:

    it sounds like youre gunna have a nice birthday, man! have fun and stay high!

    oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :hello:

    p.s. high for the first time this week.. :smoke:
  7. Happy birthday yo, have a good one.
  8. Well, happy toking man!

    Oh and your user title - I must ask myself that 20 times a day, haha.
    "Where is my mind?"

    and then there's the other one I ask alot...
    "Where are my pants?":ey:
  9. Happy fuckin birthday, man! Have a sweet day. Go nuts and treat yourself, I say.
    And LOL at spending the first minute on the shitter!
  10. eat enough burritos too make your NEXT bday be on the toilet!

    ahah happy bday dude.
  11. its my bday today too hah

    i don't think my folks got me anything other than prolly baked a cake, but i bought myself these 2 sick bob marley shirts and im pickin up 2 zips tomorrow so im overall happy..

    aint doin shit though other than blazing all day and then goin into work later, everyone at work knows its my bday too so it should be an interesting day lol
  12. happy birthday!:hello:
  13. Happy birthday! Toke it up.
  14. one of my close friends birthdays is also today.

    Happy Birthday, and stay high
  15. happy bdayyyyy!!!!!!:D:wave:
  16. Haha thanks for all the love blades, I had an awesome birthday.

    I was blazed all fucking day. :smoking:

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