Hey gypsy...where's my beans?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by lewispotter, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Sent order and money order to Gypsy 2 weeks ago.....no e-mail confirming receipt of order, no return e-mails.....what the f....?

    Starting to think this whole online forum stuff is crap and a hoax.

    Man, I wish I would have never let that super sk mother die.:mad:
  2. Did you place the order online first and get an order number? Send 'em an e-mail and ask whazzup. If they never got it and it's a money order (and you still have your receipt), you should be able to get your money.
  3. HIGH All, no cents in yelling for Gypsy here...best thing to do is grow to his MJ forum and ask there.
  4. Same here. It's been over 40 days now. They kept telling me to wait as it could take up to 28 days to receive in the US. And now they are telling me sorry, they must have been lost in transit... but that if I mention it with my NEXT order they will make it up to me

    Yeah right, what's that old saying ... "Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice shame on me"

    I'll let you know if this fix this .... but don't let Gypsy fool you.
  5. They didn't fool anything. It was either lost in transit, or snagged by customs and you haven't received the green sticker and package from customs yet. You're just pissed off about it (which is understandable), but they really aren't playing games with you like you think they are. They have gotten seeds to a lot of people here very quickly and discreetly. In fact, I had a problem with one pack of my seeds not germinating correctly, and they agreed to throw in another copy of that same pack with my next order for free to make up for it. I am happy with them.
  6. Bad Service always upsets the customer.

    My comment regarding "fooled" was only in regards to their suggestion I send them more money when they failed me so badly on this first interaction. Why would anyone do that?

    If it was caught by customs I should be notified and then I'm Ok with that. That's the risk we all take. But in this particular instance it was not as I have not been notified.

    For all you or I know they sent my package to an incorrect address. Which is their fault and if they care about their business or more specifically it's reputation they would correct the situation. I would think reputation means something in this business and too many negative posts on sites like these probably doesn't help sales.

    They are a business. And in this case they are exhibiting extremely poor customer service. They cashed my money order but did not supply the product. They know that I had not received it from my emails inquiring where my order was.

    Had they simply chosen to replace my order, when they found out about the error I would be satisfied that they are legitimate and compliment them on this site for that.

    In fact, I will still do so if they correct this situation. But until then I will continue to share my recent experience as a warning to other site members.
  7. I understand why you're upset, but you have to understand that anybody could say their package was lost even if they received it, and they there's no way for them to know if the customer is telling the truth or not, so they can't go around replacing orders for free. Maybe if you ask them to put that order you made the first time for free in with a new order you make (of some cheap pack.. just to place an order) they will agree. They did something asimilar for me, except I did receive my seeds, just they were not up to quality. I think they were hinting at that when they said they'd do something "special" for you. I think you should give it another shot with one of the cheap packs and see what happens... All 3 times I've ordered from them I received my package within 4 days... so, the MAJORITY of the time I think most people are happy with their orders...
  8. No seedbank can be responsible for what happens in the mail, especially when it involves illegal contraband being sent through Customs. Gypsy and others are explicit when you order to warn of the inherent risks and that they take no reponsibility. I mean, it's not like they could insure the shipment even if they wanted to.

    In spite of that, they are willing to make it up to you if you make another purchase. You lost out, and they are willing to split that loss with you by giving you something for free off out of their own pocket when they don't have to.

    Seems fair to me.
  9. I understand what both of you are saying. And from my point of view this all comes down to customer service and if Gypsy Nirvana wants a new customer? They don't.

    You're right, they got my money. It's as simple as that.

    That's a business decision by them. If they take my word for it and replace my order. Then they have gained a customer. A loyal customer in fact. And that's what this business is all about.

    Instead, they've lost a customer.... forever. I've already chosen to order from another seedbank. Doctor Chronic (and apparently the order is already on the way)

    You and others have seen my posts. And I notice similar posts from others as well. Gypsy Nirvana has the ability to control this "bad press" if you will.

    I hear what you're saying about giving them a second chance... maybe using a "cheap order" to see if they come through for me.

    But if they fail again then I'd feel pretty cheated. Again the old saying applies...

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me".

    Thanks for the suggestion though. And I will let you know if Gypsy ever makes it up to me.
  10. Just wanted to give you a quick update the Doc Chronic came through for me. And it only took about a week from the time I mailed in my money order to get the product. Unfortunately Gypsy never got back to me regarding my missing shipment. Too bad.... I'm now a customer of the Doctor
  11. glad that dr. chronic worked out for you, but the bad press or whatever you were giving for gypsy won't affect anything when most other people praise them. I just received my 5th order from them today... I've received every order I made.

    anyways, what strain seeds did you get? doing an indoor or outdoor grow? just curious what you've got going on. :)
  12. Well then maybe others need to relay their bad experiences as well. I did recieve an e-mail, finally, from the order center. I gave them all the particulars. The money order was cashed over a month ago and never recieved an e-mail telling me that they had my order or anything. I don't mind having to wait, but damn! Let somebody know something. Anyway, I don't see why I should retract anything I have said about them at this juncture. If they are having trouble finding the proper beans, then just let somebody know. As for ordering from Dr. Chronic or anybody else,....I probably won't. I will just beg the last person I know that has a super sk mother for a cut and start from scratch and stick to what I know.
  13. go to the doc!

    he has never steered me wrong.
  14. Heard from Gypsy. Was told that my order was returned due to non-deliverable address. I don't know why. Address provided was good and order was written in perfect penmanship and checked and double-checked. Anyway, sent a new address just in case, and am waiting for reply to my request for a phone number.

    It is a promising sign to receive e-mails from them, but I still am without beanage. Crossing my fingers.
  15. My order came in yesterday's mail. I was totally wrong to post negatively about Gypsy Nirvana's seed boutique. I won't go into detail about the shipping method or anything, but I will say that the order was filled in full.

    Good luck to all of you and if you are reading this and wondering if it is a safe bet to send money to Gypsy Nirvana Seed Boutique, then I would have to give the thumbs-up.

    Thank you gypsy for the beans and I hope to do more bizness with y'all soon.

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