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  1. Greetings from New Jersey.. Been lurking on GC for a while and decided I should have an account..

    I guess I'll give my rundown - Been toking for 5 years (but more so in the past 3 years after I gave up college baseball).. I've tried a lot of different ways of smoking, but I prefer my nice new bubbler (love blunts but they use up too much).. Also just got a Kannastor grinder which I'm excited to try out.. I'd say I'm a lightweight, but I don't care because it costs less for me to achieve the effect

    My favorite place to enjoy some bud is out on my 2nd floor deck at night.. I'll sit back in my chair, put on some Incubus, light up, and enjoy a nice evening.. I'm a night toker for sure lol

    I made a stop in Amsterdam this past summer on a 3 week trip around Europe.. Had a good time, but I will say that I didn't toke as much as I should have since we wanted to see the sights.. If you ever get to go, definitely check out the Cannabis College.. It totally opened my eyes to how necessary legalization is and how flat out stupid it is that this plant is still illegal when we know it has tons of uses, and we continue to find better medicinal uses..

    I'm also a big hockey fan as you can tell lol.. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and I'll see you all around :wave:

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