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  1. just got done trimming off 2 slow growing lower braches from the very bottom of the plant so the top and other branches can grow better
    k what i did with the lower braches instead of saveing them for hash because i tried to make hash already with my males and i suck at it!
    all i did was took the braches put them in the micorwave for a few and then i smoked the tops and the leaves it tasted like shit but i realy did get a good buzz im not kidding it was nothing compared to buds but i got a buzz
    anyway i was just wondering when i dri my shit what should temp be in the room and when should i dri it im 2 weeks and 3 days into flowering and the entier plant is covered in hairs i know i have to wait for like 80% of the white hairs to turn red or brown but how long does this usally take ??????
  2. it all depends on the strain/lighting etc...... I had some that would finish as quick as 8-9 weeks others took 3-4 months and some as long as 5-6 months. In general sativas take longer to finish than indica. Temp for curing ,imho should be between 60-80 degrees F. I hung mine roots leaves and all upside down in a dark closet with a fan blowing against the wall directly under the plants, not on them. Of course you wanna knock(gently) the dirt off the roots first. The less you handle them between harvest/curing/and final manicure,the better, all those crystals are fragile, thats why I left the leaves on. They hang down over the buds and protect the crystals while curing.
  3. Once you harvest it's all about patience...don't just start cutting branches off to sample from! You want to give it the axe all at once so it drys out evenly within. Try to keep them in a dry area like a closet and preferably with humidity below 50.

    It's your choice if you want to leave the bigger leaves on to protect the nugs but I find that it's easier to manicure it all at once because some trichomes can fall off after the leaves are dry and crisp.
  4. i cut mine at soil level and hang the plants upside down in my wardrobe......humidity at approx 40%-50%......and open the door twice daily to circulate the air......after approx 10-14 days they're ready to be manicured and smoked......i go for a lower drying temp of room temperture, approx 70 degrees farenheit..........Peace out.......Sid
  5. this is my first grow so i still got lots to learn but what is maniquing i thoght u just dried the plants for about 2 weeks then just took all ur buds off the stalk and bagged it
    oh ya and is it possable for me to just hang the plants up in my bedroom its not to hot or to cool in there i think its just right for drying the reason i want to put them in my room is kuz i have 2 grow rooms but by the time i harvest the 2 plants i have now the other 10will be under 12/12 lighting and my veg room wont be a veg room nomore i turning it into a mushroom room:)so any info would be great
  6. Manicuring is just trimming off all the stuff that you won't be smoking...and don't just put the buds in bags after a couple weeks. Instead you're going to want to put them in airtight jars.

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