Hey guys, tel lme whats wrong with my setup

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  1. So I'm not really worried about all the lil baby plants, but the two big ones, its just one T5 light, going to move the little ones soon


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  2. You need more light and T5's are good for veg but not real good for flower. You'll need another light for flower. 600 watt HPS is best for starters with a few plants.
  3. People grow sticky, crystally beautiful bud under fluorescent lights... so ignore the nay sayers.

    They won't be rock hard or dense. ... but you can pull off some great bud.

    ...that said that light is exponentially too far away !! Get it within 6 inches of the leaves max. You need to use all the PAR you can, and right now you're wasting most of your (already very little) light.

    210 watt perpetual box
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    Thanks guys.

  5. drain holes in the 5 gal pails ?

    Why big pails with only half dirt...

  6. Not nay saying just stating that if op wants hard nugs instead of fluff, you cant beat HPS. Cheaper than LED, way proven track record and with a little experience 2 pounds per 1000 watts is very doable.
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    yes ..... cooling and venting become INDUSTRIAL with those major lights...

    you'll still need circulating fans on a small scale...

    there are MANY levels to grow...

    know your area...know your limit.

    Vegging is fun with LST....

    But budding brings SMELL , will you be ready ?

    Vent your vegging area now..

    PS yeah , I'm an expert...

    An ex is a "has been"...
    a spert is a little drip under pressure...


  8. I've got several grows and still no HPS

    Waiting for another outside grow... THAT'S what beginners need... SUN
    This year I'll start with clone females...
    then I won't need to grow inside.... well , maybe tomatoes during winter

  9. Sadly, for some of us outdoor is only possible in the distant future.

    But when you get your outdoor going I'll be right in the front seat watching.

    210 watt perpetual box
  10. the only thing that stands out for me is your light is too far from the plants as JustEnough has already pointed out. You want the bulbs within 4" of the leaves. Eventually training them along the bulbs will be worth doing if you aren't going to progress to a bigger light.

    I also noticed as Groot pointed out that your pots are not full, why is that? It seems a waste not to give the plants all the root room of those pots

    I just noticed that I can't see a circulation fan. Keeping the air moving around the plants is essential to fast growth
  11. This here is absolutely true. You won't truly learn about this plant until you get a few grows under your belt. The easiest way to that is outdoors, full on nature.

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  12. You can veg indefinitely with that light. I read about a mother plant that was kept alive for 17 years. Might have to prune and train, but you're golden as far as veg lighting goes. Nice jump start if they're going outdoors.
  13. That a 2 bulb t5?
  14. Thanks for all the input folks.

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