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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Smokie McBlunts, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Yeah... let your voice be heard... and I mean it. This whole war on drugs... we'll its not really a war on DRUGS... its a war on people like us... as well as crack heads and heroine addicts.. but still us as well. We don't fight back by trying to spread drugs all over the place do we? No... we can't do that.

    We fight back by trying to legalize it... and let people know what it really is all about. Well i'd say 90% of us are getting "shot" at and not "shooting back"

    Get your voice out there if you see the chance... don't just hear about the steps forward people are taking in the favor of weed and say "fuck yeah man thats the shit" Get out there and support it if you can. I know people who put up Flyers with real information on weed... they started doing it when the anti pot commercials came on. I've written a few for them.. i've written anti booze ad's and flyers. I've made sure that everyone who ever showed me any interest in weed being legalized, or the truth behind it.. got the information that was real. Not that stupid bullshit in the commercials.

    Now this forum is full of growers and smokers who have no doubt tested they're number of strains of weed... what fucking strain is it that makes u take a few hits off a joint and drive into a cement wall at 90 mph? If the govmnt can put out commercials that are that far from reality... we need to step up and let THEM know... It's time to take it easy with the bullshit. Thats why those commercials were taken off air... they were un true. That right there was a step in the right direction. If you guys know a web site that has pro-pot FACTS on it... or even just pot FACTS... put it out there. Advertise... get the word out and for the love of God... MAKE POT LEGAL. It's US who are gonna do it

    How many of you sit at home n say GOD I WISH WEED WAS LEGAL i"D DO ANYTHING TO MAKE IT LEGAL... well it IS up to us so lets go do it.

    Sorry for the sudden burst of enthusiasim but I am serious. Get out there n make it happen! :) I know you guys want to.. and would LOVE to.. so go for it
  2. People tend to think that their efforts as an individual don't make a difference. That's just not true. If everyone, as individuals, did something for the cause then change could occur. Everyone wants to bitch about the injustices of the world but no one ever wants to lift a finger to do anything about them. Kicking back and bitching just isn't going to do it. You have to take action in some form or another.

    I think that a lot of people don't understand how important it is to change the laws that are stripping away our freedoms. I also think that people don't have enough confidence in themselves to think that they can make any kind of difference or either they are just really lazy and want everyone else to do it all for them. I'm finding that the latter is more true than I'd like to think.

    So, listen to Smokie McB, people!!!!! :)
  3. Thanx :) And RMJL is right... look at the number of members on this web site guys... over 10 thousand. Think if we all join NORML together... thats 10k people. I could see Tommy Chong now... gleeful. And by the way... the fact that he says he doesnt smoke weed, i really don't believe that at all. I think that is maybe temporary because of his situation if it is true. :) I Don't think Tommy could up n quit for good (more like wouldn't want to) any more than any of us. So come on guys, click that thread up there that says Write to Tommy Chong!!! :)
  4. Hey guys whats goin' on I'm glad i get to smoke dope and talk to you guys at the same time
  5. Meh, it's not worth my trouble.

    One time I put up a bunch of pro-MJ flyers. Got a ticket for littering because someone followed behind me and ripped them all down.

    Another time I wrote my district's senator asking him to vote down a ridiculous law; he responded to me a couple months later, with a pre-formed letter that was talking about something completely different from that which I wrote him about.

    So, while I too wish that everyone did their part and a change was made, the simple fact is I've tried to do my part and all it did was waste my time and money, with no benefit whatsoever to me.

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