Hey guys, REALLY need help, more then ever.

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  1. Well it all started when I came home from my frind Mike's house last night around 11 oclock. I walked in the house and found that my brother was having a small party thing, our whole band and two friends of his. Well the guitarist, Mat, is a big stoner, and I have a gram or two more then a quarter in my room plus a pipe so I asked him if he wanted to go smoke (I had been high twice that day too) and he was like nah your brother (Justin, the singer in the band, my brother) would catch us so I was like aight and I smoked a bowl by myself at the side of my house(My bro is like TOTALLY against pot), so all was good and I went back inside and I found that the bassist(My bro's girlfriend now too) and one of my brother's friends (Pat) wanted to go smoke, and my brother suspected us. So he's like "I'm tired you guys hang out I'm gonna go to sleep" so we were like aight, we went out to my trampoline in our back yard and then to the side of the house(my brother's window to his room overlooks the trampoline) and then he walks out the front conspicuouslyand I'm lighting up another bowl with Laura(bassist) and Pat and my brother was like "What the fuck are you doing, Laura, go home, Pat get the FUCK out" and PAt and LAura were fairly intoxicated so that wasn't an option, anywho Laura started talking to Justin and he calmed down and told me to not do it when there is a show, band practice, or anythign around him. So I was like aight, but the best thign is that he isn't telling my parents who are true Pothaters.

    Anywho just thoguht I'd tell you members how my day went.

    So later my dad found out about me smoking pot(somehow, who do you think told him?) again and is really mad, he gave me the pissed off Dad speach.

    So her eis where the real help is needed, how do I take a break from pot for awhile, I find my self thinking about it ALL the time, and I am just generally interested in bongs, pipes etc. I really want to earn my pops trust back, this means alot to me. Help?
  2. Are you 18 now?
  3. Yah man.
  4. Uhhhh..... dude.....



  5. Taking a break can be hard, but keep in mind the first 2 days are the hardest, you think about it all the time, but after 2 days you're back to normal. After that as long as you dont relapse, you're smooth sailing.
    The only way to gain back your dad's trust is by being honest with him and following his rules. Yeah it sucks, but if you want his trust, you gotta do it, but also, you could have a nice discussion with them about the controversy over pot, but it sounds like they might take it wrong.

  6. just about everyone knows what pot smells like.

    Any shirt you have wore while blazing will be enough to alert your concerned father you are using.

    Trust,???? Well put yourself in his shoes. Trust involves honesty. Either you can lie or tell the truth to gain trust, however even if you quit he will keep the fact you sneaked pot use behind his back before!!
  7. I sat down with my Dad and had a good talk with him, he is not concerned of me smoking pot, he is concerned how much I do it and that I will probably get into cocaine because that is the big thing right now, he doesn't realize though I honestly have NO interest in it and I value my life, I don't even drink..
  8. It's just a habit. You can break it if you want to. Just keep yourself busy. This has never been an issue with me because I have some many on the go projects there's always work to be done.

    Surf the net, read a book, go watch a movie, play video games. As long as you're busy you won't worry about it much.
  9. i don't know if this will help you, but for me, i find i want weed more when i don't HAVE any! this seems super retarded, but when i have weed, i never miss it. I jsut think to myself "hey, i have some bud, but i don't want any right now". when i don't have any, i enter this epriod of desperation where i feel like shit all the time. whatever, hydrocodone up in me peace
  10. keep smoking the nuggets if its something you enjoy and believe in. if it doesn't affect your character in a negative way, then prove it to him. people who have an unhealthy obsession against pot just do it for attention. teach them to tolerate. you're not affecting them.
  11. i just drink all day when i need to take a brake, keeps the mind off the herb.

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