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  1. Hello everyone So i have a 2x2x3h grow tent, 250 watt LED light. How many plants and in what size pot should i use? Ps i will be using the scrog method
  2. Hi love i wood go for only one plant in a 2foot by2foot space. I use litres but would go no less than 25litre love. Good luck. And less is more so dont bang more plants in a space ideal for one. Ya will get more of one gud plant than 3cramped up ones love. Happy growing love xxxx
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  3. I agree with Kym, one plant. You will have very little headroom, so you may have to get creative with the pot. A five gal. bucket is about 14" tall, so perhaps you could use a plastic storage tub or recycle bin that equals five gal. in volume, or more. These bins will be much wider but shorter than a five gal. Drill lots of holes for excellent drainage. Good luck.
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  4. Thanks guys ! I will just try 1 plant and train the hell out of it, how much do you think potential yeild could be? I know there are alot of variables but ball park it
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  5. Hi love i really can not say. It depends on strain ya get. Look at read up at seed bank. They always give ya max peryential but if ya do it rite and train well its not impossible to get strains pertential love. Good look love xxx
  6. I am growing in this tent right Noe if you plan on doing autos you could plant four pants In 2.5 gallon pots

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