hey guys question about carbon filters

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  1. hey so im new to this site, but ive been smoking for awhile. anyway i just bought myself a GonG by Crystal Fog bongs. it has an extra water chamber with 3 tree arms, its 5.9 mm thick, and its diffused. its supposed to be similar to the Lux mini. its a very nice GonG. anyway i just ordered a RooR carbon filter adapter and i wasnt sure if i have a 14 or 18 size joint, so i just ordered the 18 with the appropiate glass gauze. my question is if my joint size isnt 18, and it turns out to be the 14, will the 18 Roor carbon filter still fit and work?? oh and im sure the roor piece will fit any kind of gong with the appropiate joint size, but just in case, they do right??

    and i remember reading a review on here about the crystal fog gong i have so maybe somone on here knows what joint sizes these carry. allright welll thanks for any help guys!
  2. If your joint is 14, and the Filter is 18, it won't fit at all.

    You can buy adapters though at a lot of places.

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